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10 Hot New Team MVP's Dropped, Including Nate Solder, Phillip Lindsay

Saturday 09 March 2019

Only half a month back, Madden 19 Ultimate Team revealed their Team MVP players. These were for the most part overlooked yet truly great cards for different NFL teams, It initially began with the non-playoff squads, and advanced through the groups that made it to the postseason. The last bunch included players from the Super Bowl teams. While that gave cards to the whole group of NFL teams, on Friday (Mar. 8), brought new Madden 19 Ultimate Team MVPs for gamers. A portion of these players are first-timers as terms of MUT feature.

The previous Team MVPs included stars such as Khalil Mack, Julio Jones, and Deshaun Watson On Friday’s episode of Madden Daily Drops, the 10 newest Ultimate Team MVP's were revealed. As with previous MVP cards, these players each bring 97 OVR scores with them. There are five offensive and five defensive players.

Broncos rookie Phillip Lindsay headlines the new group. He was also named as Madden’s Offensive Rookie of the Year on their season end player ratings review. The fullback has a 96 Speed, 96 Elusiveness, and 95 Acceleration amongst his skills on the Team MVP card.

On top of the new 10 team MVP's we have 3 absolutely huge Ultimate Legends. Who will surely be the pick of the drop today.  Michael Vick 98, Lawrence Taylor 98, Jaosn Taylor 98.

Here’s the complete list of the 10 new Ultimate Team MVP cards in the game and 3 huge Ultimate Legends. :

Team MVP

Ultimate Legends 




The reason behind the specific teams they chose for these new MVP cards is unknown, but it may become known by next week on Daily Drops. Also, several of these players have yet to receive Power-Ups within Ultimate Team, so that may be on the way this weekend.