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Most Feared Promo

Friday 18 October 2019

Halloween is near and Most Feared is here! One of my favorite programs to kickoff the holiday season in MUT. This program will be split into 2 parts. 1st part releasing today and the 2nd part releasing sometime later next week. With this scary program comes a scary master. None other than 93ovr Ray Lewis! You can aquire Ray by completing his set or buying him off the auction block with coins. The set requires 3 heroes (92ovr Cam Newton, 92ovr Tyler Lockett & 92ovr Earl Thomas). Once you put the 3 heroes into the set, you will receive back all 3 heroes (NAT), Ray Lewis power up and 93ovr Ray Lewis. 

Each hero has their own set. You can complete each set by collecting crafting materials. There are 4 different kinds of crafting material ( Strength, Skill, Speed & Perception). Each hero set has a unique mixture of materials needed 

to complete the set, so pay attention to which materials you will be needing. 

Don’t forget about the 3 Cauldron Masters!! ( 91ovr Michael Thomas, 90ovr Anthony Barr & 89ovr Vita Vea). Items needed to finish each Cauldron Master player’s set can be obtained by playing the Cauldron challenge event ( can play this 10x per 24 hours) and Haunted House Rules ( event will be live for 6 days). 

Stay tuned. We will have more information & content later next week when part #2 of Most Feared is released!!