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TOTW 5 & 2 New Flashbacks

Wednesday 09 October 2019

New Flashbacks Kenny Stills, Trey Flowers

The Madden 20 Flashback program added two more players for offence and defence. 

The NFL Schedule has been flying, we're into week 6 already! EA have unveiled another TOTW today. The new TOTW 5 bring top cards for the Texan's Deshaun Watson and Packers Aaron Jones. 

LTD DeShaun Watson leads new Madden 20 Team of the Week 5

Coming in hot for Madden 20 Team of the Week 5 is quarterback Deshaun Watson. The former TOTW preseason selection had a brilliant performance in his team’s 53-32 victory over the Atlanta Falcons. Watson threw 28-of-33 passes for a whopping 426 yards and five touchdowns. He wasn’t picked off or intercepted either.

This week's quarterback is none other than Deshaun Watson. He was previously on the the TOTW Preseason too, and was awarded this week with a TOTW card after his awesome performance against the Falcons. Wtson three 28 our of 33 passes, for a huge 426 yards and five touchdowns. For his performance he's been handed the top card in this week's TOTW.

Joining Watson with high-rated new player items are Green Bay Packers’ halfback Aaron Jones and Philadelphia Eagles’ right end Brandon Graham. Jones came up big in the Packers’ 34-24 win over the Cowboys, rushing for 107 yards and four touchdowns on 19 carries.

Graham led the defensive performance for Philly that helped them win 31-6 over the Jets. He finished with three sacks, four solo tackles, and six total tackles. Both he and Jones get a new 90 OVR Heroes card for their Week 5 performances.

The new Madden 20 Team of the Week 5 players are like similar editions with players rated as low as 76 overall up to 91 as shown above. Here’s a look at players in the 76 to 86 OVR ratings category. They include several New Orleans Saints players including backup quarterback Teddy Bridgewater. Jacksonville Jaguars rookie backup QB Gardner Minshew also made the TOTW 5 with a new 77 OVR item.