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Ultimate Legends Are Here!

Saturday 09 February 2019

EA Released the first Ultimate Legends in MUT 19 this morning, featuring some HUGE players. Including 98 OVT versions of Calvin Johnson and Sean Taylor. Check out all the Ultimate Legend Career editions, and their full stats and rating below:  


 Sean Taylor


Calvin Johnson 


Bill Romanowski


Anthony Munoz


Jevon Kearse


Randall McDaniel


Morten Anderson 


Ray Guy


You get get yourself these Ultimate Legends by either completing their sets or finding them in packs. Each Ultimate Legend had a Career edition (lunked above) 3 x Skill Editions and 2 x Seasons Editions. The sets of each Ultimate Legend require  5 x non-Career Edition versions to complete. 

Check out all of the Ultimate Legend versions in the Muthead Database.



You can also trade in 16x Ultimate Legend Tokens to receive a random 97+ OVR Ultimate Legend.


There are 12x Solo Challenges broken up into 4 Sequences. Completing each sequence rewards you with the Power Up version of two of the Ultimate Legends, a random 87+ OVR Skill Edition Ultimate Legend, and an Ultimate Legend Token. These Sets refresh each week.


First batch look amazing, and definitely worth opening some packs for. What do you think?