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Madden 19 Color Smash Revealed - JJ Watts, Derwin James, Eggs & More

Friday 12 April 2019

Madden 19 Ultimate Team Color Smash JJ Watt, Derwin James

As the NFL offseason proceeds so does the fun with Madden 19 Ultimate Team events. A pristine MUT promo called "Color Smash" was uncovered as of Tuesday, April 9. This new promo comes not long after Madden's Path to the Draft even and brings some incredible new cards directly off the bat. Here's the most recent on what's revealed with the new Madden 19 Ultimate Team Color Smash occasion. 

Rankle 19 Ultimate Team Color Smash JJ Watt, Derwin James 

Color Smash touches base as an extraordinary Easter type theme in Madden 19 complete with colorful player cards and Eggs! With past Madden Ultimate Team promos, gamers had the capacity to profit by some free treats toward the beginning of the event. That is the situation here also, as only for signing into Ultimate Team gamers will get a Welcome Pack. That incorporates a 85 JJ Watt NAT card alongside a MUT tips card only for signing in. 

JJ Watt is the first Color Smash Masters player carrying a sweet 99 OVR with his card. The protective star's MUT traits incorporate 98s for Strength and Play Recognition alongside 97 for Tackle and Block Shedding. More details below. 

Madden 19 Color Smash Objectives, Challenges

Similarly as with other huge events in the realm of Madden Ultimate Team, Color Smash conveys more objectives and challenges to the mode. We looked at the Solo Challenges segment of Ultimate Team which uncovers there are a total of 20 Color Smash challenges. These are advantageous for acquiring Color Smash players and Collectibles. 

The first Solo Challenge is classified "A Boy Brushed Crimson, Living in Onyx and Snow." The challenge involves utilizing your MUT squad to get a comeback to win against the Minnesota Vikings. It brings 250 Coins, 10 Draft Picks Item (for Quicksell), and a Ultimate Moment for moving beyond it. Each challenge after that brings business as usual for finishing it. 

It gives the idea that by finishing each of the 20 of these Color Smash Solo Challenges, gamers will acquire a Random Tier egg for their hard work. Those have an exceptionally decent Quicksell cost, so it's definitely justified even despite the work!