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Theme Diamonds Release

Saturday 17 August 2019

Theme Diamonds are officially here! Scroll to the bottom for the full list!

Theme Diamond Master 

Aswell as the the 32 Theme Diamond player items, each speaking for a single team there is also a Theme Diamonds Master Kurt Warner. You can unlock him by finishing every one of the 32 Theme Diamonds sets (sketched out underneath). It won't be simple - or cheap.


Subject Diamond Sets
Every one of the 32 Theme Diamonds have a comparing set. You should include somewhere in the range of 24 and 35 explicit gold and elite players from the Theme Diamond player's yeam so as to finish his set. Finishing a Theme Diamond set will remunerate you with that team's Theme Diamond player, his Power Up item, and that teams completion token for the Theme Diamond Master Set.

While the Theme Diamond player items OVRs go somewhere in the range of 85 and 89, you will have the ability to upgrade all of the Power Ups to 90 OVR. The Theme Diamond OVRs depend on the requirements to finish the comparing set.


Topic Diamond Challenges 
Each team has a Theme Diamonds Challenge. You can earn up to 5 stars and 800 coins for each Challenge. Through the achievements, you can unlock the following rewards at each tier. 

1 Star: NAT Gold Pack
20 Stars: NAT Gold Pack
45 Stars: 3x NAT Gold Pack
70 Stars: NAT Core Elite Pack
100 Stars: NAT 84+ Pack
130 Stars: NAT Gold Pack
160 Stars: NAT Gold Pack


Full List Of Players

  • 93 QB Kurt Warner (MASTER)
  • 89 HB Deuce McAllister (Saints)
  • 89 CB Mel Renfro (Cowboys)
  • 89 QB Otto Graham (Browns)
  • 89 CB Chris McAllister (Ravens)
  • 89 MLB Jessie Tuggle (Falcons)
  • 89 QB David Carr (Texans)
  • 89 RG Adam Timmerman (Rams)
  • 89 LG Brian Waters (Cheifs)
  • 89 RT Jon Runyan (Eagles)
  • 89 LE Rob Ninkovich (Patriots)
  • 89 C Matt Birk (Vikings)
  • 89 WR Donald Drivers (Packers)
  • 89 K Jason Elum (Broncos)
  • 89 LT Jordan Gross (Panthers)
  • 89 DT John Henderson (Jaguars)
  • 89 LOLB Shaun Phillips (Chargers)
  • 88 RE Dwight Freeney (Colts)
  • 88 WR Wayne Chrebet (Jets)
  • 88 CB Charles Tillman (Bears)
  • 88 FB Cory Schlesinger (Lions)
  • 88 HB Clinton Portis (Redskins)
  • 88 FS Merton Hanks (49ers)
  • 88 WR Antwaan Randle El (Steelers)
  • 87 MLB Lofa Tatupu (Seahawks)
  • 87 HB Corey Dillon (Bengels)
  • 87 ROLB Keith Bullock (Titans)
  • 87 DT Darnell Dockett (Cardinals)
  • 87 WR Joe Jurevicius (Buccaneers)
  • 86 CB Jason Seyhorn (Giants)
  • 86 WR Andre Reed (Bills)
  • 86 TE Dave Casper (Raiders)
  • 85 CB Patrick Surtan (Dolphins)