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Madden 20 Ultimate Team celebrates MUT 10 with special player cards

Saturday 24 August 2019

Following a teaser, EA uncovered subtleties for their Madden 20 Ultimate Team 10 promo. It will include new player cards more than 10 weeks of the season. One of the first uncovers was a noteworthy legend. 


Madden 20 Ultimate Team celebrates MUT 10 with special player cards

Incense 20 Ultimate Team has effectively revealed a few major events including MUT 20 Flashbacks, Veterans, Heavyweights, and that's only the tip of the iceberg. In any case, their new promo praises the 10-year commemoration of Madden Ultimate Team. Every week, they'll divulge a fresh out of the box new player card as a feature of the occasion with players who rose above their situations on the gridiron. Likewise, every week of MUT 10 brings a new challenge for gamers to take an part in. 

For finishing every player's weekly challenge, gamers get the player's Power Up item alongside a collectible item that goes into a tenth Anniversary set. By acquiring every one of the 10 collectibles for the set all through the event, gamers get a Fantasy Pack. That exceptional pack will incorporate every one of the weeklhy players from the MUT 10 promo. Gamers will get the chance to choose a NAT variant of one of the players.

Sure enough, on Friday, August 23, They dropped a major reveal with a glance at  the first MUT 10 player card. It's none other than Bo Jackson! Bo is the mainstream two-sport legend who played for the Oakland Raiders in the NFL and Kansas City Royals in MLB, among other teams.  

Here’s a look at the special Bo Jackson MUT 10 card for Ultimate Team:


The first of the MUT 10 Player Challenges is live now. You'll have Bo Jackson on your Ultimate Team and need to win games on various difficulty levels to unlock higher Star levels. You'll gain rewards for finishing the challenge with Coins, a Bo Jackson Power Up item and the exclusive MUT 10 Collectible.